Kazy the Kazmanian Devil


Well, this shoot was a little different than the usual. We were at the Vail Symposium’s “SPIN” Ping Pong Event shooting for the Vail Valley Magazine and while we were able to shoot Susan Sarandon with the founder of SPIN and the amateur players, we had to wait a bit for the professional player to show. Boy, were we glad we did. He was full of life and ready to put on a show. This was the most fun I had shooting in a long time!

The Kazmanian Devil

Copyright 2012 BrentBinghamPhotography.com

Copyright 2012 BrentBinghamPhotography.com
Copyright 2012 BrentBinghamPhotography.com
Copyright 2012 BrentBinghamPhotography.com

This Isn’t Vail!

Dramatic Views from the Ritz Carlton Residences Photo: Brent Bingham Photography c2011

Last week we traveled to Denver to photograph the Ritz Carlton Residences right in the heart of downtown.  We loved seeing the “City” scenery as it was quite dramatic from every room we were in.

Denver Skyline Photo: Brent Bingham Photography c2011

Bedroom With A View Photo: Brent Bingham Photography c2011Denver Skyline Photo: Brent Bingham Photography c2011

Views From Your Kitchen Photo: Brent Bingham Photography c2011

New Horizons for the Vail Valley Magazine

Chris Del Bosco, Vail Valley Magazine Photo: Brent Bingham

In 2011,Vail Valley Magazine welcomed Joette Gilbert as an integral part of the magazine’s new direction and look. We had the pleasure of working directly with Joette for the major portion of the magazine’s photography. From the cover image to feature architectural and landscape images to advertisers photography, we worked closely with Joette and the advertisers to produce a fresh new look for this 28 year standing magazine. The response from the advertisers and general reader have been enthusiatic and overwhelmingly positive. We can’t wait to see what we’ll bring to the Winter Issue this Fall!  Stay tuned! See more below:

Advertiser Shot for Claggett Rey Gallery Photo:Brent Bingham c 2011

Bon Appétit Beaver Creek Master Chef Challenge winner Michael Wilganowski Photos:Brent Bingham c 2011

Taste of Vail’s Mixoff -“Get Your Frost Off” Photo:Brent Bingham c 2011

Dining in the Vail Valley Photo:Brent Bingham c 2011

Style-Cover Vail Valley Magazine Photo:Brent Bingham c2011

Turn Your Living Room Outdoors Photos:Brent Bingham c 2011

America’s Next Top Model in Vail!

Sunday Morning Brunch at LaTour Photo: Brent Bingham Photography c2011

Photoshoot for La Tour Restaurant Vail with Jessica Serfaty and photographer Brent Bingham
We love the food at La Tour Restaurant Vail Colorado Photo: Brent Bingham c2011

We recently had the great pleasure of shooting Cycle 14 of America’s Next Top Model Contestant Jessica Serfaty while she was in Vail for the “South of the Border Fiesta”. La Tour Restaurant asked us to spend some time shooting her for their upcoming ad campaign. The idea was to incorporate some of their food events with an enticing model. She was a true professional and gave us some great shots in the short time we had with her.


K. Furtado Wines

Welcome to the launch of our new website brentbinghamphotography.com

We’ve launched our new website: http://www.brentbinghamphotography.com to compliment our existing website http://www.photofxvail.com.  It will be a continual process of refining and updating but hopefully will be a good representation of our work. Check it out!

Welcome to my new blog!

We produced some large canvas outputs for our client, Arrigoni Woods  http://www.arrigoniwood.com  for a trade show in California.  We output their image on 2 widths of canvas 44″ x 96″ to make a display 88″ x 96″.  They said it was very impressive and got a lot of attention. Here’s how it looked:

Canvas Output for California Tradeshow

We can output images/text/logos on a wide variety of materials such as Photo Paper, Vinyl, Fine Art Paper and Backlit Film.  And our systems allow for amazing quality, even from the smaller files .