One of my other favorite things to do besides photography……

Sometimes you just have to put down the camera for a bit & let your creative juices flow in another direction. So I was able to pick up an old 1965 Ducati in pretty rough shape & I’ve been working in my spare time to turn it into a cafe racer, or well, maybe an art project! It won’t be super fast but I might look super cool riding it to Starbucks! Here’s a photo essay from where I started to the point where I am now:


This is how I found it in an old barn packed with motorcycles

2bikes-20 3bikes-21 4bikes-24

Back in our garage, in the design stage

5Ducat250-4 6Ducat250-7 7Ducat250-14

Took off the

8DucatiParts-1255 9DucatiParts-1259

Trying to figure out the wiring

10Ducati photos-1076 11Ducati photos-1079 12Ducati photos-1082

My way of organizing the wiring harness

13Ducati photos-1121

I bought new rims and had them powder coated


Now to design the seat. Won’t be so much for comfort but more for the “cool” factor. Layered wood with aluminum and eventually will have a small leather cushion to save my butt!

15_seat design-0320 15a_IMG_6098 15b_IMG_6100

Learning all kinds of new things: respoking the wheels

16_Wheel Lacin-1718

I cut parts off the frame to make for a more sleek appearance, replaced the shocks with a mono shock and had the frame powder coated.

16a_IMG_5790 16b_IMG_5791

I bought a custom made tank and polished it.


Well, one casualty;  When using the angle grinder to cut off a piece to hold the battery, the blade snapped & flew up in my face. I was lucky. Just 15 stitches at Urgent Care and it didn’t hit my throat or eyes. Lesson learned: USE SAFETY EQUIPMENT!


Almost there! Just a few more things & I’ll have it ready to ride to Starbucks!