A Cabin in the Woods of Vail


Longtime local Bill Rey has been a part of the Vail art scene for longer than most can remember. We had a chance to see how he lives and breathes Western art in his picturesque, quaint cabin near Vail, Colorado.


Bill’s philosophy on art in homes is that it should tell the soul of the owner. Bill and his wife Maggie have owned the home for over 20 years and have immersed it with artifacts of Western heritage, fine art and other collections.


This cabin has so much character and has been a wonderful place to raise their children. They say “Everything we own means something. It’s a visual gallery of our life.”

Shouldn’t we all take that to heart?

The Real Meaning of Priceless

We had the amazing opportunity to visit Roundup River Ranch in Western Colorado for shooting a story for the Vail Valley Magazine. Roundup River Ranch is a real camp experience for children dealing with serious illnesses, allowing them to have all the traditional Summer camp adventures with the added assurance of medical, physical and emotional support.

With expert counselors, the kids do everything from a super challenging ropes course to arts & crafts, horseback riding & fishing.

One of the activities was an art session where campers could make worry dolls, to help them deal with their own uneasiness.

Parents and Campers alike can rest assured that proper medical care is available at all times while at the camp.

Being at the camp and seeing the joy in these kid’s faces was one of the best experiences we’ve had. A chance for them to set aside thinking about their illnesses and have the time of their lives makes Roundup River Ranch a priceless experience for all!

Two Days in New York City

We had a whirlwind trip to the Big Apple to shoot two properties for Interior Designer @LaurenJayne Design. The first was a luxury condominium in Battery Park to show how she integrated a more contemporary feel with the traditional furnishings the client wanted to keep.BatteryPark-7-2FINAL_Lo-res

She had custom millwork done for the built-in desk and shelving.




The client has this fabulous view over the Hudson River so she created the eat -in breakfast space at the window to take advantage of the incredible view.


A light and airy feel for the preteen daughter’s room with accents of fabric on the headboard, footboard and ceiling.


The use of color and texture melted the master bedroom into the river scene.


Look closely and you’ll see the Statue of Liberty from the dining room window.

The next day we traveled to Harlem, to photograph an apartment building that she designed all the finishes for.


Lauren was going for a more vintage feel for the lobby.



Adding the small touches make the property unique.


They hired a local artist to create some pieces for the walls in the public spaces.


This was a limited budget project for rental apartments, but Lauren was able to give it a contemporary luxury feel.



The gym has the bold color & design to get your heart rate pumping!


An outdoor space gives some relief to the hustle & bustle of the city.



Kick back & enjoy the rooftop view after work.


Check out Lauren’s versatile and creative designs at http://www.laurenjaynedesign.com

Photo Assignment of People with Interesting Past Careers

This is a fun ongoing assignment. Find people in the area that you know had very different past careers before they moved to the Vail Valley. My first subject was my wife, Barbara Bingham, of course, who in her past life was the Panda Keeper for the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

Not only did she have a write up in People Magazine and videotaped the first live Panda birth at the zoo, her claim to fame was a full show on Mr. Rogers which was their most popular segment. Barbara currently lugs my camera equipment around & generally makes my photos look better.

Our next subject was Brenda Himmelfarb. Brenda is currently a freelance writer in our small Colorado town of Vail and cofounder of the Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group. But some would say her past is much more interesting…

In the 1970’s, Brenda traveled with tennis champion Chris Evert and World Team Tennis. She was invited to do the public relations for World Team Tennis who had recently signed Evert. At the U.S. Open in NYC she dressed up in pigtails and a Teddy Tinling tennis dress to look like Tracey Austin, and ran up & down hallways in the hotel knocking on players door and asking if they wanted to “have a knock up”- what Australians called for going out & hitting tennis balls.

After her stint in the tennis world, Brenda went on to work for a PR & marketing agency in Los Angeles and worked in motion picture & television public relations.

C. J. Tenner seems like a rough & tough guy that has seen a few things in his day.   That’s because he has.

Back in the day, C.J. would hang out at The House of Music in West Orange, New Jersey. He soon became friends with the people who recorded the likes of Barbara Streisand, George Benson, Meat Loaf, Pat Beneath among others. C.J. hooked up one of his friends to eventually become the drummer for a new band, Bon Jovi. Since C.J.’s sister owned a travel agency in Manhattan, it was just the next progression for C.J. to set up travel arrangements for the band and before you know it, he was the guy that got things done.

After that stint he became a nightclub promoter at the China Club, where the likes of musicians from Billy Joel, Spyro Gyra, Noel Redding from Jimi Hendrix, Little Feat & Chaka Khan would jam.

But what puts C.J. on the map is his generosity that enabled Bon Jovi to fly to Japan for a tour where their song Runway broke big.

C.J. & his wife Jessica own a restaurant delivery service in Vail called A La Car and also produce the Vail & Telluride Dining Guides.

Everyone knows the first hotel & restaurant in Vail Village as “Pepi’s” started by Olympic Skier Pepi Gramshammer, but dig deeper and the real story is about Pepi’s wife Sheika Gramshammer.

in the 1950’s Sheika launched out by moving from France to Las Vegas for a job as a showgirl in the La Nouvelle Eye, a Paris inspired show with eye popping costumes and cancan style dancing. Keep in mind, Las Vegas at that time had a population of about 45,000 and a log cabin as the airport terminal.

A native born Austrian, Sheika was introduced to modeling by a Swiss designer and her career took off, modeling in Germany, Rome and Paris. It was in Paris she was invited to join the dancing troupe in Las Vegas.

After Vegas, Sheika moved to Los Angeles where she worked in a few small pictures. She then moved to New York to model for Evan-Picone and then on a vacation trip to Aspen, Colorado where she met her future husband, Pepi.

Sheika, Pepi and their two daughters run Gastof Granshammer (hotel) and Pepi’s Restaurant in the heart of Vail Village.


A Colorado Ranch Renovation

We had the honor of being able to photograph this project from start to end. Three years in the making, Pony UpRanch in Vail, Colorado transformed from a older ranch style property to a beautiful mountain contemporary design thanks to Architect Tom Cole http://www.tomcolearchitect.com Here is the final product after a relatively quick build considering the magnitude of it all.  Water features abound throughout the property.  The garage (or “pavilion”) has a rooftop deck. An elevator was built for guests that can’t handle the stairs. The “Sweat Shop” is a separate building for swimming & workouts with doors that completely open to the outside.  The existing horse arena was re-skinned and beetle-kill pine was used for the indoor arena.An atrium was added to enjoy some greenery in the Winter months. The cabin is situated high on the mountain & feels like a real getaway from it all.Along the creek was the perfect spot to build a tent for guests to camp out.What a fantastic experience for us to be able to photograph such an incredible property! To see the online flip book we made of the entire property, visit http://www.ponyupranch.com

One of my other favorite things to do besides photography……

Sometimes you just have to put down the camera for a bit & let your creative juices flow in another direction. So I was able to pick up an old 1965 Ducati in pretty rough shape & I’ve been working in my spare time to turn it into a cafe racer, or well, maybe an art project! It won’t be super fast but I might look super cool riding it to Starbucks! Here’s a photo essay from where I started to the point where I am now:


This is how I found it in an old barn packed with motorcycles

2bikes-20 3bikes-21 4bikes-24

Back in our garage, in the design stage

5Ducat250-4 6Ducat250-7 7Ducat250-14

Took off the

8DucatiParts-1255 9DucatiParts-1259

Trying to figure out the wiring

10Ducati photos-1076 11Ducati photos-1079 12Ducati photos-1082

My way of organizing the wiring harness

13Ducati photos-1121

I bought new rims and had them powder coated


Now to design the seat. Won’t be so much for comfort but more for the “cool” factor. Layered wood with aluminum and eventually will have a small leather cushion to save my butt!

15_seat design-0320 15a_IMG_6098 15b_IMG_6100

Learning all kinds of new things: respoking the wheels

16_Wheel Lacin-1718

I cut parts off the frame to make for a more sleek appearance, replaced the shocks with a mono shock and had the frame powder coated.

16a_IMG_5790 16b_IMG_5791

I bought a custom made tank and polished it.


Well, one casualty;  When using the angle grinder to cut off a piece to hold the battery, the blade snapped & flew up in my face. I was lucky. Just 15 stitches at Urgent Care and it didn’t hit my throat or eyes. Lesson learned: USE SAFETY EQUIPMENT!


Almost there! Just a few more things & I’ll have it ready to ride to Starbucks! 


Rock your Style!

You know you’re going to get a great photo when you have a group of hair stylists that can rock the camera. The staff at Bliss Hair Salon did just that. They brought style, attitude & fun! Oh, and their hair looked awesome too!

The Vail Valley's hippest hair salon, Bliss was rocking' it on their photoshoot!

The Vail Valley’s hippest hair salon, Bliss was rocking’ it on their photoshoot!

La Belle Vie

With Winter quickly descending on us, we realized that a beautiful Summer and Fall gave us the opportunity to get some great photos. Dancers, cars and food as well as a home for the Wall Street Journal. Nothing could have been better.

copyright 2015 Brent Bingham Photography copyright 2015 Brent Bingham Photography copyright 2015 Brent Bingham Photography copyright 2015 Brent Bingham Photography


copyright 2015 Brent Bingham Photographycopyright 2015 Brent Bingham Photography copyright 2015 Brent Bingham Photography copyright 2015 Brent Bingham Photographycopyright 2015 Brent Bingham Photography copyright 2015 Brent Bingham Photography copyright 2015 Brent Bingham Photography copyright 2015 Brent Bingham Photography

Cover Coverage

So excited that I was able to shoot quite a variety of covers this Winter, thanks to my creative thinking customers who are always looking for a new look! From food to people to dogs, we got it covered!

Cover shot by Brent Bingham Photography of the 2015 Vail Dining Guide

Cover shot by Brent Bingham Photography of the 2015 Vail Dining Guide


Cover shot by Brent Bingham Photography of Vail Lifestyle Winter 2015

Cover shot by Brent Bingham Photography of Vail Lifestyle Winter 2015

Cover shot by Brent Bingham Photography of Cordillera Life Magazine Winter 2015

Cover shot by Brent Bingham Photography of Cordillera Life Magazine Winter 2015

Cover shot by Brent Bingham Photography for Vail Valley Magazine Winter 2015

Cover shot by Brent Bingham Photography for Vail Valley Magazine Winter 2015